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We aim to revolutionize the tourist experience by integrating the full potential of digital technology into museums, visitor centers and tourist destinations, creating a more social and interactive leisure.

we are taking off

We are starting our hockey stick

We have experimented with immersive technologies for almost a decade and three years ago we began developing our hockey stick with revenue growth of more than 100% annually.


Annual income over € 1,5M


Tenders (Public Sector) Success rate: 17%


R&D calls (Public Sector) Success rate: 42%


B2B (Private Sector) Retention rate: 96%

What we Do

A committed team

Our team is comprised of over 20 professionals from the fields of Engineering, Computer Science, Design, and Communication. We bring together our knowledge and expertise to create a more social and interactive leisure experiences.

Strategic plan 2024-2028

We are opening new frontiers

Our strategic plan for the next 5 years focuses on the development of Artificial Intelligence applied to the tourism sector, as well as the internationalization of the company, with the aim of achieving exponential and sustainable growth that provides value to the shareholder.


2024 New releases: Amazing AI & GEMS


Internationalization: Ecuador and Arab Emirates

GEMS: Smart multimedia management

We have developed a unique multimedia content playback for large spaces.

It’s working now in Spanish Royal Palace (Madrid, Spain) 

Amazing AI: Artificial Intelligence for contact areas

We develop a soft & hardware system to provide hotels, tourist offices and cultural centers with a totem that incorporates an interactive virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The equipment is personalized and adapted to each case and can resolve any initial interaction with the public.

join to grow up

Building a new future

Strategic Plan Needs € 750K
Investment round Amazing Up 2023 € 750K – 1,2 M
Minimum ticket €10K
Pre-money valuation €5M
ENISA (subsidized loan) €300K
Member contributions  €50K
Round committed €350K (46,7%)
Valuation at exit €51M
Rate of return x10
  • Round committed 46,7% 46,7%